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The light lines thou thick are well placed and spread out as to not to draw the eye from the picture as a whole but still makes you app...

The texture and materialization of this piece in particular really stood out to me when i was looking through your gallery. The premiss...

by Voleno

The concept behind the drawing is vague to me, but I still admire the effort that was put behind it. The little hair buns and blue capt...

The texture is nice. There is a three point focus, witch would draw the viewers to take a closer look, and really appreciate the work p...

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zero thirteen, it’s just aftermidnight… Why am I awake? “Go to sleep~” I roll out of bed, red eyed and groggy, staggering to the bedroom door. “Gimme a minute, I gotta use the john first.” “Wha-“ I wave back to them as I open the door to the bathroom. “Just hang on for a bit, you rush me now and it won’t be as fun later.” Incoherent grumbles follow. Usually they aren’t in such a rush… maybe they’re a top? I finish my business and wash my hands before walking back to the room. Still half asleep I plop back into bed. “Go to sleep~” I look over at a pale face wide eyed and grinning from ear to ear.
“Oh yeah, you… Alright c’mere.” I reach over wrapping one arm around their waist and roll over on top of them. “So, what you want out of this? You like it rough or do you want to be top?” I could almost see the gears turning before he lurched back threw me onto my back taking a dominant position. “I’d prefer not to get caught under the tap.” I give him an innocent smile. His type love it when I do that. And it looked like he did, lying on my back he towered over me on his hands and knees. “Go to sleep~” Ugh, again with that line, dose he have a thing for narcos? What ever, id close my eyes at some point anyways. I close my eyes and let my face slack. I feel a hot pressure that digs deeper and deeper, but not where it should. When i open my eyes they give me a blur of red and silver.
This psycho ’s trying to kill me! “What do you think you’re doing.” My voice is deathly calm, he flinches, i don’t blame ‘em i was scaring myself. “You should be dead.” I grabbed the hilt of the knife and pulled it out. “You stabbed me in the shoulder, how was that supposed to kill me?” He grit his teeth and tried to push it back in. “I usually hit them a few times.” Fueled with adrenaline and blinded by rage i face them back into the submissive position i was in. “Well, I’ve got a hell of a passion and you’re the only one around.” He tried the knife again, but he didn’t have much luck. I yanked it out and planted it into the headboard, inches from cutting his ear off. “Y’know I get why those guys like to pummel me before, you look adorable when you’re scared.” He looses a nervous laugh. “shit…”
“Yo Jeff! Who’s the chick!” I pull the pillow over my head and grumble. I grew my hair out originally to give those ridders some reigns, but now i just keep it around my elbows cause it feels like a second blanket. Another voice. “What are you two shouting about? Ho shit, nice score, didn’t think you had it in you Jeff.” You’ve got to be kidding me, at least close the damn door. “Nock it off guy’s.” I feel the blankets get pulled off my legs, immediately curling up in my own hair, hiding myself in it. “I was trying to sleep ass.” Jeff almost growls. “You’re the ass for bending me over like that, and look! You’re bleeding all over my bed!” I pull the covers back up and grab my shorts n’hoodie. “Hey-hey-hey, you’re the one that missed the kill shot, you’re responsible for everything after that.” The teen in a mask and goggles laughed. “Yeah Jeff, take responsibility.” I’ve gotten mostly dressed by this point and stretched as i walked out the door. “How did all of you get in my house?” Another teen, this one in a blue mask and hoodie matching mine. “This is our house, you’ve been teleported, welcome. Make yourself at home for as long as you can, you’ll be chased out soon enough.”
I pull up my hood then pull my hair forward so it’s not trapped on my neck. “You seem so sure that you don’t like me.” He sighs. “It’s not up to me, although, i wouldn’t trust you as far as i can throw you.” I laugh, sending a visible shiver up Jeff’s back. “Well we did just meet, i could probably say the same about you with what i’m seeing.” The white mask steps forward now. “Speaking of seeing, was it dark when you saddled up? Cause otherwise I have no idea how you could stand that face looking down on you and still getting off.” Again, Jeff stiffens up and this time he walks off to what looks like the kitchen. “What makes you think I let him stay on top?”
All three of them froze and turned to Jeff, who had already ran off. “Ho~, Shit! This is great! Hey Jeff!” The one in goggles ran off after him. “Leave him alone Toby.” I watch him run after Jeff. “Toby, huh.” I thought for a second looked around at everybody. "So Jeff, Toby and don’t tell me.” I point to the white masked teen. “Masky and..” I point to the blue masked one next. “Jack?” They both nod as laughter rises from the couch. “So you do know who we are. Well that makes it a lot easier for me.” A tall man in a vest and suite pants towers over me. “I guess you know who i am too?” I give him a once over and snap my fingers. “You must be Trender man!”
I could hear Toby blowing up in the other room. “Oh-oh-oh, my si-i-i-ides-s-s-s, Ha~ Ha~ Ha~ can’t breath, I Can’t Breath!” Masky just covered his mask with his hand, and Jack was bent over with his hand clenching his chest. “Ok, I see how you could’ve confused me for Trender, but no. I’m The Slender Man!”A multitude of tentacles blew out of his back and started dancing about behind him. “Do you understand you position now?” I put up my hand and shook my head in disapproval. “Sorry, I don’t do tentacles, they confuse my body.” He drooped and leaned back. “Excuse me?”
We stood there silent for about a minute before i saw Toby sneak back into the main room, Jeff walked in a second later. “So, you all done getting to know one another?” He did a one eighty in the middle of the room. “Good, then nobody will be to surprised by this.” I felt someone’s hands on my waist and immediately sat down. Good thing i did too, cause just then Toby was trying to pants me. “Jerk.” I tuned around and was about to bop him on the head when i saw her.
A huge fist and a devilish grin met my gaze. “You guys need to learn some manners, i mean you don’t just go and pants some poor girl.” She extended her still enormous hand. “I’m ~~~~~. Nice to- oh um-“ cupped her hand with both of mine and gave it a firm shake. “Maven, a pleasure.” Letting go i looked to Slender. “Anybody else I should meet?” Jeff sighed. “You shouldn’t ve' even met me.” Masky jabbed him with his elbow. “Don’t be rude.” Slender gave them both a stern look, shutting them both up. “You’ll meet everybody soon enough.” Jack grunted. “If you survive that long.”
“Oo, Speaking of surviving, who’s cooking?” Masky looked over to the kitchen. “I think his name was Dale?” The others flinched and Jeff gave a nervous laugh. “Oh right, Jack’s cooking today…” I give him a sidelong look. “I thought Dale was cooking.” Jack chimed in. “Well actually he’s roasting.” ~~~~~ walked over and put their hand on my shoulder. “Jack has a very… Particular taste.” I smile and give a little shrug. “Well it can’t be worse than haggis.”
“So, what exactly is haggis?” Jeff was watching me eat the roasted kidney with reproach hinted in his voice. I stopped and made sure to swallow before answering him. “Sheep’s stomach, cooked in various ways and stuffed with a selection of  greens, other animal parts, and/or bread. It’s not too bad if you put it together right.” Jack perked up while Toby just made a gaging gesture to Masky. “Can you use a human stomach.” I give him a weary smile. “Maybe, but don’t tell me if you do. I’m having trouble as is.” Jack slumped back in his chair and sighed. “So you don’t like my cooking either.” I absentmindedly take another bite as i wave off the question. “i’m just having trouble eating people thats all.”
After breakfast everybody moved pretty quickly, except for Jeff, he just kinda sat on the couch with his phone out. When i asked ~~~~~ what was going on she just shrugged and said. “Were getting ready for work.” My eyes widened. “Cool~ What kind of work do you do? Can I come?” She put up her hands and backed off slowly. “Yeah, i don’t really-“ Jack broke in. “If you can’t handle eating people how do you think you’ll do killing them?” Jeff laughed and Toby joined in. “ah~, So what so funny?” Jeff sneered. “I think it’ll be a good experience for them. Show ‘em what should’ve happened last night.” I give him a sly look. “Oh, hush. We both know you had fun.” He blushed and sunk back into the couch grumbling. Slender reached down and put his hand on my head. “Why not, it’s easier to deal with than to avoid."
After Midnight
I tried something new here, tell me what you think.
Hey everybody, animation was shit so sorry about your hopes, i is shit. Also! I am moving so no see me for maybe 3 days
Hey everybody I've been working on my first real animation and it should be done by monday, if not that means my roommates decided to move out early and i'll be on the road to Idaho. That'll take three to five days so please don't hate me.
Hay everybody sorry for worrying you I was a little overwhelmed the last few months I apologize in advance if i don't remember who certain people are or obligations I had. Christmas drawing are still going to happen tho, SUPAH late on those. Anyway good to be back I will see you all at the Cafe. Or tree house... Or that one back ally with all the- You know what, I'll just see y'all there! :iconfoxawwplz: 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I am giving all my watchers a free wish! All you have to do is tell me what you want and you got it!

1, It's going to be either 'Hand Drawn'K0-g or 'Manipulated'Necromancer (1)
2, you have to request through notes or comments on this journal.  
3, everyone gets only 1, if you ask for a million things, I'll only do one.
4, Nothing is going to be submitted till Christmas morning my time. sorry if it's late or early for you

And thats it.
Like I said they're all free, I will accept donations tho.

Merry Christmas!


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